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One of the great advantages of photodynamic therapy (PDT) is that it allows us to treat skin cancer at an early stage, when it has not yet penetrated, without surgery and on an outpatient basis.


Photodynamic Therapy is performed at the clinic’s premises and allows us to treat the pre-malignant lesions (Actinic Keratosis) and the superficial Basal Cellular Carcinoma in a simple, comfortable, efficient and safe manner without surgery or anesthesia.

First, the area to be treated is prepared by scraping and the topical drug is applied. The area is protected with aluminum foil to prevent sun exposure. Throughout the three hours the drug is allowed to act, it will selectively penetrate into the tumor cells causing the tumor to become photosensitive to red light.

After the time of action of the drug, the aluminum foil is removed and the patient is prepared to perform the treatment with the Photodynamic lamp. When the red light comes into contact with the malignant cells, being photosensitive, they are destroyed leaving the surrounding healthy cells intact at all times.

Normally, two sessions are required.