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With the passage of time, our lips tend to become thinner or to exhibit unsightliness/asymmetries. It’s at this time when it is recommended to apply infiltrations with hyaluronic acid by a specialist to recover the volume of the lips and eliminate imperfections without breaking the harmony of the lip and the characteristic appearance of their skin.


The great advantage of hyaluronic acid infiltrations over other techniques is that very natural and satisfactory results are achieved with a temporary effect.

The purpose of this procedure is to enhance and refill the lip to achieve an increase in the lip structure, as well as greater fleshiness and relief and permanent moisturizing.

The procedure of infiltration of hyaluronic acid is performed by a specialist through microinjections and its duration is usually 15 minutes. We recommend applying topical anesthesia (30 minutes before treatment) or nerve block anesthesia to minimize any possible discomfort for the patient.

The results are visible within 3-4 weeks of their first application and the duration of the effect is between 6 and 9 months. Usually two sessions are required spaced in 15 days, although if the lip is naturally very fine, after the first session, the change is already evident.

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