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The ideal facial rejuvenation treatment to remove sun spots or lentigines, fine lines of expression, wrinkles and scars is the resurfacing with CO2 Fractionated ablative Laser or Fractionated non-ablative Erbium laser.


Resurfacing con láser CO2

CO2 laser resurfacing

It consists of performing a deep laser peeling to completely regenerate the treated skin and thus, with a single technique, eliminate all signs of aging. Es por este motivo, que es un tratamiento estético muy efectivo y completo que normalmente con una única sesión es suficiente. The effects are perceived a week after having the treatment, although they improve until the six months.

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Facial Rejuvenation with Fractionated Erbium Laser

It involves promoting the stimulation of collagen formation through the application of heat to the dermis.

It’s a fast, safe and with no visible effects that minimizes wrinkles and pigmentation, as well as pores.

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