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Capillary mesotherapy or capillary mesotherapy is one of the treatments most used to treat hair loss or promote recovery and growth.

Capillary mesotherapy alopecia treatment in Barcelona

It consists of injecting through small needles a combination of proactive substances containing a small concentration of hyaluronic acid as base plus anti-inflammatory substances that improve the circulatory system.

The great advantage of capillary mesotherapy is that by containing hyaluronic acid as a base it improves the tissue around the root or hair follicle and favors the depot effect. In other words, the injected substances remain in the follicle longer, so the effect is more durable than if the base were water or saline (case of capillary infiltrations).

It’s recommended to perform a treatment one year in view to obtain satisfactory results. The sessions are carried out every month in the case of wanting to stop hair loss and every 2-3 months in case the objective is to favor the recovery and growth of hair.