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The hair transplantation or hair implant is a minor surgery procedure that has been used during the last 25 years with very satisfactory results. Currently two techniques are used for the extraction of the donor zone:

  • Técnica fue (“follicular unit extraction”)
  • Técnica fuss (tira) (“follicular unit strip surgery”)

Hair transplantation treatment in Barcelona

The hair transplant consists of the transfer of the root of the hair or follicle from a part of the scalp (donor area) to another area that is depopulated (receiving area).

In order to obtain the hair follicles of the donor zone we can carry out the extraction one by one of the follicular units (fue technique) or extract a complete strip of skin with hair from the back or side of the head (fuss technique).


The fue technique is currently the most advanced technique that exists and has the great advantage of not leaving any visible scar on the patient, even so when the candidate presents an extensive area of alopecia fuss technique is advised since fewer sessions are required to obtain good results in terms of density, with the consequent lower economic cost.

After obtaining the follicles by one technique or another, small holes are made with special needles that allow the implantation of each hair. The implanted root then grows in the same way as it would in the origin area.

After 3 months of the procedure begins to grow implanted hair, as there is a period of rest of the new roots before they begin to make hair again.