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What are they?

Como consecuencia de exposiciones prolongadas a la luz solar acostumbran a aparecer manchas marrones en la cara, el escote, los hombros y / o el dorso de las manos. Estas manchas, denominadas lentigos o manchas de la edad, suelen ir acompañadas por un adelgazamiento de la piel y por pequeños capilares rojos, reflejando una piel foto envejecida.


Treating or not the solar lentigos is optional since they do not imply any health problem but aesthetic. There are different possible treatments such as peeling, cryotherapy or laser. Although for its effectiveness, is recommended to eliminate them by laser therapy, especially Q switched Nd: YAG laser and pulsed light systems.

They are usually combined with the C02 fractionated laser that helps the generation of collagen, so it improves the appearance of the skin.

The doctor can decide whether to use both lasers, depending on the area to be treated and/or the skin type.

Sunspots respond very well to laser treatment, which is why in 2-3 sessions excellent results are achieved.

It’s recommended to use photoprotectors after treatment and avoid sun exposure to minimize the appearance of new spots.

The discomfort for the patient is minimal and the removal of the spots occurs in a discreet and painless way, so it isn’t necessary to alter the pace of life or apply anesthesia.

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