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What are they?

Also known as capillary angioma, senile or cherry angioma are small red dilatations of vivid red of 1- 4 mm. They usually appear on the trunk and limbs. Not being caused by any infection, they aren’t contagious.

They don’t represent any health problem, although they are often eliminated because they pose an aesthetic discomfort.

Who does it affect?

All people usually have ruby points. It affects both men and women alike. Especially since the 40 – 45 years


There is no specific reason why they appear, although there is often a genetic predisposition and appear through the passage of time as a result of normal aging of the skin.


To treat the ruby points we recommend, for your comfort, efficiency and lower risk of scarring, the use of pulsed light and/or CO2 laser.

  • Nd laser: YAG: it impact on the hemoglobin inside the vessels that make up the angioma.
  • CO2 laser: allows the redundant tissue to be precisely eliminated.

It‘s painful?

It can be applied anesthetic cream in the area to minimize any discomfort to the patient.

How many sessions are needed?

In most cases, with a single session is sufficient.

How long does the treatment last?

It’s a very effective treatment since once removed it no longer appears again.

Pre-treatment advice

  • Do not take anticoagulants the previous days.

Post-treatment advice

  • Avoid sun exposure 7 days after treatment.