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What couperose is?

It is a chronic and recurring condition. It is characterized by redness due to the dilation of the capillary vessels that supply the dermis of the cheeks, nose, neckline and neck. It is not contagious.

Who does it affect?

Especially it affects women from the age of 30 and tends to increase with age. White, clear and thin skin is the most susceptible.

Treatment of couperose in Barcelona

In order to permanently close the dilated blood vessels so that the skin recovers its normal appearance, 3 or 4 sessions are recommended throughout the year of vascular laser as well as annual maintenance.

The most used are:

  • Nd: YAG: it is very effective especially when the vessels are larger.
  • Pulsed dye: Pulsed dye: it is characterized by its great specificity to treat vascular lesions. Although in some cases it causes the appearance of residual purpura as a result of the explosion of blood vessels.
  • KTP laser: it is characterized by a therapeutic effect similar to that of the pulsed dye but does not cause purpura. Although it can cause a slight swelling of 2-3 days.

Its great advantage is that they only act in the area to be treated, without damaging the surrounding skin and that it is a painless procedure

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