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What is psoriasis scalp?

Psoriasis of the scalp is a type of psoriasis that manifests in the scalp with scaling and inflammation. It’s a chronic disorder that usually occurs in outbreaks and in periods of stability. Sometimes it is the first form of psoriasis that develops the individual.

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Who does it affect?

Psoriasis of the scalp is one of the most frequent typologies of the disease that it’s presents in more than half of the people who suffer another type of psoriasis, although also it can present of isolated form.


It’s a chronic condition of the skin that despite not being a serious pathology, does have a very important implication in the quality of life of the person.

It’s characterized by the appearance of outbreaks of dry desquamation and adhered to the scalp on plaques of reddish skin. It may have itching and itching.


As in other types of psoriasis, the specific origin of the condition is unknown. Although there are studies that indicate that its development is due to an abnormal immune response provoked by an undue activation of the T lymphocytes.

It’s also known to be a disease related to genetic, hereditary, infectious, biochemical or psychological factors.

Psoriasis scalp treatment in Barcelona

It’s often advisable to use topical preparations containing corticosteroids or vitamin D derivatives to control psoriasis in the scalp.

In the case of presenting other types of chronic form it is especially useful to treat it with phototherapy, which consists of the application of ultraviolet radiation type A and/or B.