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What is fungus?

The cutaneous mycosis is an infection caused by the fungus that live on the most superficial part of the skin, the nails and / or the hair. The areas of the body most affected by this microorganism are the most humid areas such as the intimate areas, scalp, toes, armpits or nails, although it can affect any area of the body.

Who does it affect?

It can affect both adults and children.


The most frequent symptomatology in these cases are white or red patches, scaling and mild pruritus.


Humidity and high temperatures encourage fungi to proliferate. The source of contamination may come from another human being, from an animal vector or from contact with the earth.

Types of fungus

According to the causative fungus mycosis cutaneous, there are different types of infection:

  • Candidiasis: this type of infection is caused by the fungus Candida and affects skin, nails and mucous membranes. The heat, humidity or depressed immune system are the factors that mostly trigger it. In most cases, it is the fungus that causes diaper rash. Should be paid particular attention during pregnancy to obese, diabetic, or elderly people.
  • Dermatofitosis (ringworm: is one of the most annoying, unpleasant and contagious fungal infections. The parts of the body that are most affected are: feet (athlete’s foot), trunk, nails, face, scalp and genital area. It’s transmitted by direct contact and is very resistant. Closed footwear, poor hygiene and skin wounds are the possible factors that trigger this infection. It’s characterized by presenting the classic macules, spots that cause a depigmentation of the skin.
  • Pityriasis versicolor: it’s a chronic and usually asymptomatic infection caused by the fungus called Malasezzia It mainly affects during puberty. Clinically it manifests in the form of rounded macules (spots) of white, brown and / or pink coloration. It’s not contagious or uncomfortable, although some patients have itching.

Fungus treatment in Barcelona

In these cases, antifungal drugs are used. The drug will vary depending on the affected area and type of infection.