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What is couperose or rosacea?

Couperose or rosacea is a characteristic per capita of visible capillary vessels. It is a vascular condition of the pell that is characterized by presenting vermellor degut to the dilatation of the capillary vessels that irrigate the dermis. Succeeix com a conseqüència de l’augment de pressió sanguínia in the superficial veins of the area of ​​les galtes, nas, escot i coll. It is not contagious. It is chronic and recurrent.

Who does it affect?

Above all, it involves women over the age of 30 and tends to increase with age. White, clear and thin skin is the most susceptible. As for men, it is less frequent, and tends to appear in the nose. People who are stressed, nervous and emotional are those who most frequently present these episodes of vasodilatation.


The cause caused by cuperosis is unknown, but we can say that they intervene:

  • Hereditary factors Certain medications (hypotension or topical corticosteroids).
  • Food factors (abuse of coffee, alcohol, tobacco or spicy foods).
  • Intense emotional situations, stress, tiredness and nerves.
  • Extremely temperature situations (exposure to sun, wind, cold).
  • Environmental pollution (smoke, dioxins, lead, tobacco …).


The major feature is the presence of telangiectasis, which are small varicose veins, in the area of ​​the cheeks and fins of the nose. This phenomenon is called FLUSHING and usually causes discomfort to people who suffer it because it is uncomfortable and aesthetically annoying.

Treatment for couperose or rosacea

The application of creams is a treatment that helps reduce blood flow and thus reduce redness, but does not eliminate the problem, so it is only advised as prevention. To eliminate radically the excess of capillaries it is necessary to treat the zone with vascular laser. This fence definitely dilated venules that cause redness.

In order to achieve total elimination, three or four sessions are usually necessary throughout the year to achieve its elimination, but it depends on each particular case. The procedure is painless but for two or three days after treatment it can cause minor discomfort.


If during the onset of the first symptoms the necessary preventive measures are not taken, the cuperosis can be derived and evolved towards rosacea.