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What is acrochordons?

Acrochordons are small cutaneous proliferations (<5mm in diameter), of soft consistency, of the skin color or hyperpigmented that are preferentially located in the neck, armpits, groins and submammary zone. They are not the product of a viral infection and therefore are not contagious.

Who does it affect?

They are extremely frequent, almost 50% of the population has some, especially after 50 years, in obese people, in certain pregnant women and by family predisposition.


They usually do not produce any symptoms but they can become inflamed and produce pruritus or pain due to their location in situations of heat or sweating.


Most of the time, these proliferations appear as a consequence of friction and the passage of time. In some cases, several may appear at the same time, especially in overweight people.

It must be borne in mind that they may be the manifestation of certain endocrine diseases, such as obesity or diabetes mellitus.

Acrochordons treatment in Barcelona

Acrocordons don’t require a treatment as they pose no health problems, but the patient frequently wishes to eliminate them for aesthetic reasons, for convenience or because there have been secondary changes as a result of rubbing.

Dermatologists usually remove the acrochordons by applying:

  • Cryotherapy: consists of freeze the acrochordons with liquid nitrogen.
  • CO2 laser: eliminate injuries immediately without having to wait a few days for them to come off.

The two procedures don’t cause discomfort and are fast and well tolerated.